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Napa Wine Food Pairing

Napa Wine Food PairingThe process of wine food pairings had always been successfully incorporated to enhance the dining experience. In fact, this practice had a long history with some cultures. Like winemaking, wine drinking with food had also been a tradition of some societies around the world. Today, many tips and guidelines of wine food pairing are described by experts, however, wine drinkers usually make wine food pairings depending on their mood or believing their instincts or they simply drink whatever they enjoy the most.

Food experts say that a Napa Wine Food Pairing complement each other; together they heighten the dining experience and make it more pleasurable. The weight of the food and the wine must be considered when matching, if the focus of pairing is wine than lighter foods should be selected as they complement each other better but if the dominant portion is the dish than lighter wines go with the heavier dish. The flavors of food and wine can either complement or contradict other each; both strategies can be appealing depending on personal preference. For example, a bag of salty chips with sweet Riesling is a contrasting combination which becomes tempting when the saltines mix with the sweetness. In the same manner, the earthy Burgundian Pinot Noir with an earthy, mushroom dish is a complementing combination. Which combination is most favored, relies purely on one’s own choice.

However, most people enjoy heavy foods with heavy wines and they follow the rule, red meat with red wine and white meat with white wine because this makes the taste even more tempting. Another factor to keep in mind when making a Napa Wine Food Pairing is the acidity of both the dish and the wine. It is highly acknowledged that acidic foods like Greek salad go well with the wines having a touch of acidity like Pinot Grigio.
Some best examples of Napa wine food pairings

• White Wines: Champagne, a white wine has a perfect combination with salty foods. Dry sparkling wines like Brut Champagne have a slight sweetness in them so when served with salty foods they become rejuvenating. Chardonnays from California, Chile or Australia make a great combination with fish like salmon in rich sauce.

• Rose Wines: Lavishness and deep flavors are the traits of rose sparkling wines like rose Champagne and cava; they make a perfect pair with variety of main courses. Dry rose has an acidic white wine character and a fruity red wine character due to which it goes with almost all types of cheeses.

• Red Wines: Melbec, Shiraz and Côtes-du-Rhône are paired best with foods dressed with spicy barbecue sauces. Cabernet Sauvignon makes a classy combination with steaks and chops. A sip after each bite is extraordinarily savoring.

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